About us

Dat Viet Service Co., Ltd would like to send our best wishes and best wishes to you!

With more than 10 years of development, Dat Viet Company has always affirmed its prestige in the domestic tourism market, as well as various types of training services in the human resources in business (Team Building ) and human resource management with experienced teaching staff teaching local and international universities in Vietnam.

Dat Viet Travel Company is always a trusted brand for businesses with experienced and dedicated staffs who are eager to help you choose the right product for you.

The reason you choose our company

There are a lot of reasons for tourists to choose our Dat Viet Travel Company for domestic, foreign or resort stays such as hotel booking, resort booking, domestic and international air ticket booking or rent. car travel for family.

Dat Viet Travel Company is confident to provide travel services for Vietnamese tourists with the highest standards, our action and mission is always to bring the best satisfaction to customers. all the circumstances of life.

Since its inception and during its operation, Dat Viet Travel has strong relationships with domestic and international partners.

A law that is old but soft for all time is the Law of Cause and Effect: This law says that everything that you receive in this life comes from a cause or a series of causes. If you want to get anything in life, look for those who have ever achieved those and then do the right thing they did to get it.

Appreciating the credibility in business and the benefit as well as customer satisfaction are our guiding principles and our survival. Slogan "Always bring faith to you". We do not want others to do bad things for us, so let's do good things to others like ourselves.

DAT VIET Travel Company with professional staffs are pleased to serve you tourist services:

- Organizing domestic and international package tours.
- Tour Team Building staff training and sales training.
- Retail tickets for domestic tours (departing weekly).
- Car rental (4 - 45 seats).
- Organize seminars, conferences, exchanges.
- Reservation of hotel, hall, meeting room.
- Booking air tickets at home and abroad.
- Trading souvenirs for tourists.
- Business Strategy Planning in Hospitality (Hotels / Resorts 3-5*).
- Advertising on social networks: Facebook, youtube, google +, web design, SEO.


Add: 59 / 1 Tran Phu - Ward 4 - Dist 5 - HCM City
Tel: (028) 38355299 - 38355259 - Fax: (028) 38355249
Email: info@datvietravel.com - sales1@datvietravel.com
Website: www.datvietravel.com - www.datviettravel.com.vn - www.datvietravel.com.vn



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