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- Phan Thiet is the cultural economic and scientific development center of Binh Thuan province. It is also an attractive tourist destination that attracts a large number of domestic and international visitors. Located in the key economic area, Phan Thiet City is an important traffic hub so the move here is quite convenient and easy.


- Phan Thiet tourists will be pleased to discover the beauty of the golden sand hills, beaches stretching poetic or experience the relics of Cham cultural identity. And more specifically, visitors also enjoy the unique seafood salty taste of the sea, or the glass of fine wine at the ancient grandeur of the wine castle.
* Travel experience in Phan Thiet
- The city of Phan Thiet is blessed with a relatively flat terrain with sand dunes along the hill looking like a beautiful picture. Here with the resort system, hotels and fast food outlets bring guests convenience in the process of discovery. With year-round sunshine and poetic landscapes. Phan Thiet city is always attractive to visitors every summer and there are many interesting experiences that you should not ignore.

* Phan Thiet Travel by motorcycle
- With the vast sand dunes stretching along the clear blue beach and picturesque fishing villages in the sunset, you will feel your life as slow and enjoy the great moments. This Phan Thiet tourist area is always an attractive destination for travelers exploring on a motorcycle. You can rent cars with the price ranging from 120 to 200 thousand per day is free to explore every corner of the city.



* Sand slide in Mui Ne
- Located in Mui Ne Ward, sand dunes "fly" always attractive to visitors. The unique point here is that each time there is a big wind, the appearance of the sand dunes is different from the previous shape and the color also changes, sometimes yellow, white, white gray, dark red mixed together. Create a beautiful natural painting.
- Slipping from the sand dunes below is also an enjoyable experience. With a plank, many adventurous travelers slipped from the steep descent. The screams and laughter will bring you happy moments of relaxation.

* Watch sunrise and sunset
- The feeling is great when you find a quiet spot watching the sunrise or sunset on the golden sand hills. All such a wonderful painting makes poets so passionate. You can listen to the flute in the sky or the sea waves that make life more poetic.

* Kite surfing
- With its windy, winding coastline, this place is ideal for sports. Especially, you can enjoy playing with special kites and dedicated team of dedicated guides to bring you an unforgettable experience when riding on the head of the waves.


* Rowing watching the lotus
- Phan Thiet tour definitely you have to go to Bau Trang, Bau Sen. These are two freshwater lagoons nestled between immense white sand hills, about 60Km. In each lotus season, the beauty of the white sand dunes becomes brighter and shimmering. And especially you can stroll on the lake to feel the beauty of this land of wind and sand, watching the sunset fall as a lyric love lyric.
- And there are many more great things awaiting visitors to explore and enjoy.


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