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NIGHT 1: HCM CITY – SEOUL           (Eat on the plane)
- 23h50: HDV welcome and help you make procedures for flight VJ.862 (02h30 - 09h40) to Seoul. You stay overnight on the plane.



DAY 2: SEOUL – NAMI ISLAND           (Breakfast on the plane, Lunch, Dinner)
- You breakfast on the plane.
- 09:40: Arrive at Incheon International Airport in Seoul. Getting entry procedures. Car and local tour guide take you to visit:
* Nami Island: A beautiful island in the south of Korea, with a cool climate year-round, where couples often visit during the weekend. Island famous after the movie Winter Sonata is broadcast. Come to Korea, you can not ignore this interesting place.
- Car take you to the hotel to rest, free to explore Seoul by night.





DAY 3: EVERLAND PARK - SEOUL           (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
- Have breakfast at hotel and departure:
* Kim Chi Matang - where you will experience Korean culture with traditional Hanbok and try Korean kimchi - the most famous dish in the world.
- The delegation to Everland Park is the largest theme park in Korea, divided into five theme areas:
* Global Fair Area (Global Marketplace).
* American adventure area.
* Magic land.
* European adventure (European Adventure)
* Zoo Topia (zoo).
- Each theme area will give you different impressions such as in the spring are the flowers of bright tulips and summer is the colorful rose garden.
- You go shopping at the famous shops in Seoul:
* Famous Korean cosmetics store and see the Korean makeup style of the model.
* Government ginseng store.
* Red Pine Oil Store.
- Car take you to the hotel to rest.





DAY 4: SEOUL            (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
- Guest has breakfast at a hotel. Then depart to visit:
* Jogyesa Temple is one of the most ancient places of Buddhism and is a national heritage of Korea.
The 500-year-old Royal Gyeongbok Palace is the largest of the five palaces, representing the dominant power of the last Korean dynasty built over 600 years ago.
* National Folk Museum: The only museum in Korea to showcase and introduce Korean folk cultural heritages.
* The Blue House Presidential Residence: The residence and work of the president of the Republic of Korea, is one of the most beautiful buildings in Korea.
* Guanghwamun Square, Chengonggyecheon Stream flows in the heart of the city.
Namsan Seoul Tower - located on Namsan Mountain offers you panoramic views of the city, and has become a symbol of Seoul. (not including elevator fee to the tower).
- Then visit the shopping tour at:
* Fresh ginseng shop.
Donghwa Duty free shop.
* Myeongdong Market.
- You can freely choose the clothes, jewelry of the world's leading fashion stores.
- Check out the NANTA SHOW or BIBIMBAP SHOW.
Then back to the hotel to rest or free to explore Seoul at night.




DAY 5: SEOUL – HCM CITY           (Breakfast)
- Breakfast at the hotel, check out. Then go to Incheon airport for flight VJ.863 (11h40 - 15h10) to Vietnam.
- You have lunch on the plane. Arrive at TSN airport, tour guide breaks up and see you again.



- Return air ticket: HCM City - Seoul - HCM City.
- Transportation by modern air-conditioned car.
- Baggage: 7 kg portable + 20 kg signed.
- Stay at hotel 3*: room 2 persons, if male or female, room 3.
- Meals according to the program: Meals can be changed in line with the route but still ensure the quantity and quality of meals.
- Visa entry to Korea.
- Fees for visiting the program.
- Tour guide enthusiasm, experience full route.
- Gifts: hats & passport covers.
- Travel insurance. (Not applicable to people over 70).

- Passport valid for more than 6 months from the end of the trip.
- Personal expenses, telephone, laundry, excursion outside the program.
- Korean visa surcharge for foreign guests: 60 usd / pax.
- Tip for tour guide and drivers: 30 usd / pax.

- Children under 2: payment 4.000.000 vnd / child.
- Children from 2 to 11: payment 11.990.000 vnd / child.
- Children over 12: buy 01 tour ticket.

- You bring the original passport and other necessary documents to apply for a visa (see the procedures required for Korean visa).
- Pay 100% of the tour fee when registering, this money to Dat Viet to make visa and deposit tickets for you.

- Non-Refundable fee is 2.000.000 vnd / person, apply for registration and submit application before 30 days departure date (guarantee, visa is not issued and no ticket).
- If you are denied a non-visa: non-refundable fee is 3.000.000 vnd / person. (due to payments such as translation, letter of guarantee, visa fee, air ticket).
- Cancel immediately after the consulate issued the visa: 80% of the tour.
- Cancellation 07 days before departure: 90% of total tour price.
- Cancellation 01 - 03 days before departure: 100% of total tour price.
- Cancellation of the trip must be notified directly to the Company or by fax, email, and telephone message and must be confirmed by the Company.
- Phone cancellations are not accepted.
- Tour cancellation time is calculated for working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
- For those who already have visas, Dat Viet will hold a 3 month passport (valid visa term) or seal the visa cancellation.

- For guests over 70, premium will be paid (varies according to tour).
- A visa application will not be returned after the consular entry.
- In case you are not allowed to leave and enter due to personal reasons, the company will not be responsible and will not refund the tour. You pay the costs incurred if any.
- For each specific case, guests may be required to deposit from 5.000 to $ 10,000 per person before the trip (after returning to Vietnam, the guest will receive full deposit). After the visa results, if the client does not agree to the above conditions, the client will be canceled visa and subject to the penalty as prescribed.


* Client contract work:
- The original passport is valid for more than 6 months to the end of the trip + old passport (if any).
- 02 photos 4x 6cm (white background, new photos in the last 6 months).
- ID card (photo notarized latest).
- Permanent residence. (Photo notarized all latest pages).
- Certified copy of marriage certificate (if husband and / or wife go).
- Birth certificate (under 18 years old).
- Children under the age of 18 do not go with their parents (add a local authorized letter of authorization).

* Work: you are business owner & employee.
- Business registration certificate (latest certified copy).
- Tax finalization and recent tax payment receipts.
- Labor contract (notarized photocopy).
- The travel permit is approved by the company (original paper).
- Student ID, student (if still in school, photo notarized latest).
- Retirement or retirement (if retired, latest notary copy).

* Finance:
- Original savings book + 1 photocopy of the savings book (minimum 120 million vnd).
- Confirmation of bank balance in English (confirmation of balance of savings account).
- Missing one of the above documents, the consul did not receive the file.
- Housing ownership certificate (latest notary duplicate).
- Copyrights of car registration (latest photo notarized).
- Lease contract (if any) - latest photo notarized (if any)
- Depending on each profile, guests are required to deposit. Signature level: 5.000 - 10.000 usd / pax.
- After obtaining the visa result, if you do not meet the above conditions, you will be canceled visa and subject to the penalty mentioned above.

* You do not need financial proof to be covered by the company or organization.
- Business license of the company or organization responsible for paying the visa.
- The company's latest three-month tax return, which covers the applicant's expenses.
- Statement of bank account of the company, organization covered expenses paid to the visa applicant.
- A written decision stating the travel expenses paid by the company and bearing the signature and seal of certification of the company or organization. (With a list of sponsored travel).
- Table 03 questions with a list of sponsored travel (travel company will provide).

* Individuals who are agents or employees and dependents are covered by the company or organization covered by travel expenses:
- Agents:
- Passport is limited to at least 6 months + old pp (if any).
- 02 photos 3.5 x 4.5cm, white background taken in 3 months (do not use the shape as a passport, not wearing glasses).
- Notarized copies of papers:
- Business license.
- Latest 03 months tax or excise tax.
- Co-ordinate contracts, documents, invoices, receipts prove the relationship between the sponsor and the sponsor.
- Household registration (all pages).
- Marriage registration (if there is a spouse).
- ID photo.
- Birth certificate (if there are children, siblings and parents accompanied).

- Staff:
- Passport is limited to at least 6 months + old pp (if any).
- 02 photos 3.5 x 4.5cm, white background taken in 3 months (do not use the shape as a passport, not wearing glasses).
- Notarized copies of papers:
- Labor contracts (old and new).
- Marriage registration (if there is a spouse).
- Household registration (all pages).
- ID photo.
- Birth certificate (if there are children, siblings & parents accompanied).


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