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- You go to Tan Son Nhat airport, the delegation to the procedures for flight CZ374 SGN CAN (15:40 - 19:35) to Zhangjiajie. (Please arrive at the airport 3 hours in advance). From Ho Chi Minh City to Guangzhou, China. After making the entry procedure, transfer CZ3381 CANDYG 22:20 - 00:05 (+1) to fly to Zhangjiajie.
- Go to Zhangjiajie Airport. Local guides welcome the delegation to the hotel. Check in and free to rest.



DAY 2: TRUONG GIA GIOI - PHUONG HOANG CO TRAN         (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
- Morning: Breakfast at hotel, check out. Depart for Phoenix departure (about 4 hours). Admire the scenery of the suburbs of Zhangjiajie, rowing back to the mountains in modern classic style combined.
- Afternoon: Lunch at the local restaurant. Visit:
* Phuong Hoang Co Tran - one of the eight autonomous districts in Tujia County, Miao Xuexi West of Hunan Province. Built in the Kangxi era in the year 434 (1704). In 2001, it was awarded the title of historical and cultural city of China, the city of cultural and historical relics of China, the national scenic spots AAAA, one of the 10 cultural heritage goods. Hunan head. Rewi Alley hailed as one of China's most beautiful small towns, just as beautiful as Lijiang in Yunnan or Shandong in Shandong. Say "Bac Binh Dao, Phuong Hoang".
* Phuong Hoang Thanh - ancient citadel with ancient culture.
- After that, you visit the famous beautiful sights such as:
* Tung Van Ancient House: Named the smartest person in Hunan Province.
* From the Duong lineage.
* Song Da Giang. Dongmen.
* Bei Mon. Van Nhan Tower.
- Continue to sail boat trip on the beautiful view of Da Giang River with the floor houses have over hundred years of history.
- Evening: Dinner at the local restaurant, take the hotel to rest. After that, the freedom of exploring the coral reef, enjoying the beautiful moonlight of Fenghuang as a colorful picture.




DAY 3: PHUONG HOANG CO TRAN - TRUONG GIA GIOI         (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
- Morning: Breakfast at the hotel, check out. Car and guide welcome depart to Zhangjiajie. Visit local specialty shops along the way.
- Afternoon: After lunch, continue to Dai Hoc Cau visit:
* Glass Brigde has a total length of 430m, 375m long, 6m wide, between the valley in Zhangjiajie, China's tourism paradise.
- Zhangjiajie Forest Park is famous for:
* Kim Tien Khe - special streams, clear water, clear view of bushes, grass tops, slabs, stones in the bottom of the line, the length of 7.5 km.
* Fourth harmony - contemplate unique exotic natural scenery.
* Cross-town car (with mini train) - with a variety of beautiful landscapes, rivers and streams are like a mural painting. On arrival, the delegation is free to explore the main scenes of the landscape such as Thai Pharmacopoeia, Phong Phong.
- Evening: Dinner at local restaurant, hotel to rest.




DAY 4: TRUONG GIA GIOI        (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
- Morning: After breakfast, visit the traditional tea shop of Zhangjiajie to enjoy Long Tea tea, Hong tea. Afterwards, depart for the "Formerly known as the Eiffel Tower in China." It was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records with the following three records: The highest elevation (362m) .The highest elevator with the highest capacity (48 guests).
- Continue up the mountain to visit:
* Thien Ha De Nhieu Kieu - natural stone bridge between the two mountains of the nature reserve, with a height of 357m, 40m long.
* Beautiful view of Duong Giac Stations at Dai Tam.
- Afternoon: Lunch at the restaurant. Then sit on the bus continue to visit:
* Thien Tu Son Nature Reserve - a unique rocky region formed during faults and tectonic faults. It was China's first national park in 1982.
* Halong Park.
* West Sea Shilin.
- Evening: End of the program, the delegation take the elevator down the mountain. Pick up the group to go free foot massage at the Dong Y medicine. Then the delegation to dinner at local restaurants and back to the hotel to rest.




DAY 5: TRUONG GIA GIOI        (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
- Morning: Breakfast at the hotel, check out. Then visit the jewelry shop, local gems and silk production center.
- Visit:
* Junsheng Gallery - The gallery is made from natural materials such as sand, stone, natural grasses that make up the miniature landscape of China.
- Afternoon: Lunch at the restaurant, bus to the delegation to landscape ThienMen Son - where paintings such as Thuy Lu painting with the longest cable car in Asia (7.200m long).
- Up to the top of the mountain, the delegation to visit:
* Tile Tile.
* Heavenly Kingdom.
* The Cliffs Road - a narrow path alongside the towering cliffs of the hundreds of Tianmen Peaks, a stroll on the Glass Road, a glass paved section. Here you can see the mountains with the same message at the foot of the height of 1,430 meters and feel like walking in the cloud (not including shoes).
* Thien Mon cave - also known as the sky gate, is semicircular and up to 131 meters high, which is a huge hole was natural mother carved in the heart of the mountain.
- Evening: Dinner and then hotel room to rest.




DAY 6: TRUONG GIA GIOI - HCM CITY         (Breakfast)
- Breakfast and check out, guide the delegation to the airport for flight CZ3382 08:10 - 09:50 to Guangzhou. Exit procedures for international transfer CZ373 12:25 - 14:25 flight to HCM City. To TSN airport. Team leader farewell & see you again.



- Round trip air ticket: HCM City - Guangzhou.
- Round trip air ticket domestic Chinese CZ: Guangzhou - Zhangjiajie.
- Airport fees, aviation security insurance, fuel surcharge. (May vary depending on the time of ticket issue).
- Visa China - Visa Union (going to and from the same delegation). (If you are a foreign national, please apply for a visa before joining the delegation).
- Stay at hotel 4*: double room.
* Zhangjiajie: Vienna Hotel Zhangjiajie North Railway Station (or equivalent).
* Phoenix Neck: Fengting International Hotel (or equivalent).
- Car transportation service program.
- Eat meals on the program: 05 breakfast + 04 lunch + 04 dinner.
- Entrance fees (one-time entrance fee).
- Local tour guide and head of Vietnam delegation along the journey.
- Travel insurance. (Not responsible to you separated from the delegation).

- Passport (longer than 06 months).
- Tips for tour guide and driver: 3 usd / day / pax.
- Self-made drinks for meals, telephone, laundry, medicine, hospital.
- Personal expenses outside the program.
- Baggage excessively prescribed by the airline.
- Single room surcharge of: 1.600.000 vnd / pax.

- Children under 02: payment 4.800.000 vnd / child.
- Children from 02 to 12: payment 12.000.000 vnd / child.
- Children over 12: buy 01 tour ticket.
* In case 2 children are accompanied by 2 adults, please pay 1 adult child to get 1 extra bed.

- When booking tour, please carefully read the program, tour price, inclusive and not included, the cancellation conditions in the tour.
- In case you do not directly come to register the tour but other people to register, please find out carefully from the program for yourself.
- Please bring your Passport (original), deposit 50% of tour price when booking tour and complete payment 2 weeks before departure.
- You bring two nationality, please notify the tour staff at the time of booking tour and submit the original with the relevant documents (if any).
- You only bring green card (temporary residence card abroad) and no valid passport Vietnam can not register travel to third countries.
- Due to the nature of the tour, the company will be responsible for collecting enough guests (10 adults or more), the delegation will depart on schedule. If the number of delegations less than 10 guests, the company is responsible to notify you before the departure date of 7 days and will agree on a new departure date or refund all the money for you previously registered.
- If you require a single room, please pay a surcharge.
- For customers over 75 years old, you and your family are committed to health care to be able to join the tour with the company upon registration and must have a relative under 60 years (health). follow.
- After payment, if you want to cancel the tour, please bring the ID card & invoice paid to the company office to cancel the tour. The company does not accept cancellations by telephone.
- In case you are not allowed to leave the country due to personal reasons (such as photos, original paper information is blurry, unclear, passport expired or not in accordance with regulations) Responsibility and will not refund the tour.
- Flights and flight times may change last hour, depending on the airline. In the case of force majeure such as terrorism, violence, natural disasters, changes in schedules of airlines, trains ... the company will actively change the itinerary or cancel tour for convenience and Your safety and not responsible for compensation for costs incurred as well as services performed.

TOUR CANCELLATION: No Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
* For tour with visa:
- 50% deposit after booking.
- After the deposit and before the company pay the visa fee: non-refundable fee is 1.000.000 vnd / pax (airfare ticket and document translation).
- After the company paid the visa fee: non-refundable fee is 2.500 vnd / pax.
- If you are denied visa, non-refundable fee is 2.500 vnd / pax.
- If you have a visa, if cancellation is subject to tour cancellation fees.

* For Weekdays:
- Cancellation immediately after the Embassy, Consulate has issued a visa: payment 100% tour deposit.
- Cancellation 30 - 45 days before departure: payment 10% tour price.
- Cancellation 16 - 29 days before departure: payment 30% tour price.
- Cancellation from 08 - 15 days before departure: payment 60% tour price.
- Cancellation 04 - 07 days before departure: payment 90% tour price.
- Cancellation 01 - 03 days before departure: payment 100% tour price.

* For Holidays:
- Cancellation immediately after the Embassy, Consulate has issued a visa: payment 100% tour deposit.
- Cancellation 30 - 45 days before departure: payment 30% tour price.
- Cancellation 16 - 29 days before departure: payment 60% tour price.
- Cancellation 08 - 15 days before departure: payment 90% tour price.
- Cancellation 01 - 07 days before departure: payment 100% tour price.
- Trip cancellation must be notified directly to the company or by fax, email and must be confirmed by the company.
- Phone cancellations are not accepted.


Please call us at: 0903 356 589 - 0907 305 789

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